Some of our fitness goals might have taken a backseat in the past year. With more establishments and borders opening up, it’s high time we dust off our sports outfits and burn some calories.

Being fitter, thankfully, doesn’t have to be boring. And when you combine it with travel, it makes for something to look forward to. With its sprawling landscapes and activity-centered destinations, Rizal might be a good place to do just that.

Here are four places in Tanay and Antipolo to stretch your legs and get your body moving.

Trekking in Fresno Agro-Forestry And Eco Tourist Campsite
Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay

Fresno Agro-Forestry And Eco Tourist Campsite has mountains that are good for cardio exercise. Photo by SinoPinas courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Expect to see an endless ocean of greens at this campsite in Tanay, which almost looks like Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills.

After a 15-minute walk from the entrance, the first ridge you will get to is Mt. Kulis, which is about 620 meters above sea level (MASL). At the peak, the Sierra Madre mountain range can be seen, and, on a good day, you’ll also see the clouds slowly crawling above.

Just beside Mt. Kulis is its sibling Sambong Peak, which is 629 MASL. The Heart Peak waits for you at the top. This is a heart-shaped bench made of bamboo where hikers can rest and take in the view. (This is why the best time to visit is around 5 am to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.)

After the trek, you can visit the Spider’s Web, a giant hammock made of nylon ropes. Many guests like to lounge there and just feel the cold morning breeze.

The best time to visit the site is at around 5 am to get a glimpse of the sunrise.

The entrance fee is Php 200 each, plus Php 500 for the tour guide for up to five people. The fees cover the whole site, including Noah’s Ark, where you can sit atop limestone rocks to make you feel like sailing on the sea of clouds.

To get there, drive along Marcos Highway until you reach Maysawa Road. Turn left, then go straight up to the campsite’s registration area. You’ll see a giant welcome arch that indicates the name of the place.

Rock Climbing in Nagpatong Rock Formation
Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay

Nagpatong Rock Formation is a two-towering limestone cliff facing each other. Photo by SinoPinas courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Not too far from the Fresno Campsite is this rock formation, with a trail that will give a good workout.

Before you even get to the foot of the rock formation, you will have to take a three-kilometer trail that takes about an hour and a half. The first half of the trail is relatively easy to traverse.

The other half, however, makes things more interesting. It is spent on ahon or walking up to the elevated trail that turns the stroll into a challenging cardio exercise. The path becomes steeper, and you will need to climb over some rocks.

A 3-kilometer trail is required to reach the foot of the Nagpatong Rock Formation. Photo by SinoPinas courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

When you finally reach Nagpatong Rock Formation’s foot, you’ll climb up a steep ladder and hold onto a rope for support. The formation is made up of two separate and huge limestones facing each other. The cliffs are made of stacked rocks, hence the name, which means stacked in Tagalog.

The trail is good for beginners, but you’ll need a tour guide to help you as you’ll have to go through a forest. To schedule your visit, go directly to Barangay Cuyambay Hall for registration. From there, the guide will brief you before heading to the site.

Pilates in 3 Springs Mountain Park
KM 56 Marcos Highway, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay

3 Springs Mountain Park provides a spacious field good for camping, working out, and other activities. Photo by SinoPinas courtesy of the Department of Tourism

Upon entering this 16-hectare eco-park, you’ll notice the spacious green field from where you can see the Sierra Madre mountain range. There, you can set up your yoga mat and do pilates in the morning. For only Php 400, you can access the amenities, including the gazebos, bathrooms, and the pool.

When you’re done working out, you can enjoy their freshly picked coconut or drink water from the springs from which the place gets its name.

In the afternoon, you can try birdwatching in the multi-purpose hall to see Kilyawan or black-naped Oriole. At night, the place can also host camping activities such as a bonfire for only Php 1,000.

The place has a fixed menu, but you can also request for the chef to prepare a specific meal for you. To schedule a visit, send a message on Facebook.

ATV Riding and Archery in ATV Adventures
Sapinit Rd Purok 1, Antipolo

ATV Adventure Rizal offers ATV riding with different difficulty levels. Photo by SinoPinas courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

You want more adrenaline-pumping experiences? This Antipolo destination offers activities such as ATV riding, archery, and paintball.

Their Short Package for Php 1,500 is good for beginners and will have you go through concrete roads and creeks. On the other hand, the Jungle Package costs Php 6,500 and will have you going on an 8-hour trip. The road will be bumpy and intense, and it will include a 30-minute trek leading to a hidden falls.

ATV riding at ATV Adventures Rizal provides adventure from bumpy roads to slippery terrains. Photo by SinoPinas courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

If rough roading isn’t your thing, you might want to try your hands in archery, the area which is just beside the registration area. For only Php 350, ATV Adventures Rizal allows you to shoot targets with unlimited arrows for an hour.

They also have the Paintball Battle Ground, where you can have a colorful face off against your friends. For Php 350, you will be given 50 bullets, gears, a vest, a mask, and a paintball gun.

You can directly visit their website to book an appointment. On-site, they will provide instructions and a safety demo.

Have a Safe Trip! 

Tourist destinations in Rizal are ready for local travelers! Customers are required to wear a face mask and shield, practice social distancing. The places set sanitary and contact tracing procedures such as registration at the reception and using alcohol to sanitize hands before entering the premises. To know more about Rizal, visit

To check out up-to-date information regarding local destinations that are open and the safety protocols and requirements needed for each location, you may visit or download the Travel Philippines app at or the Google Playstore.