Mayon Volcano ATV adventures. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Towering at a height of 8,077 feet above sea level, Mayon Volcano is one of the Philippines’ natural gems.

It is internationally recognized for its perfect cone shape and is also considered the country’s most active volcano with more than 50 recorded eruptions since 1616. Mayon Volcano is also featured on the back of the 100-peso bill.

Beyond appreciating its beauty, Mayon offers exciting activities fit for thrill junkies.

Hop on ATVs or bikes and experience thrilling adventures by driving through rough terrains surrounding Mayon. You can also try the zipline with the world-famous volcano as your backdrop.

Your Brother ATV Adventure

Established in 2006, Your Brother Travel and Tours offers ATV drive through 18-kilometer of muddy terrain and volcanic dirt roads.

Tourists can choose among 4 trails and destinations, the cheapest and shortest one would be Mayon ATV Challenge which costs Php599 for single-seater ATVs then Php1,500 for double-seater ATVs.

Next trail is the Lava Front for Php1,800 to Php3,500 followed by Mayon Advance Trail at Php1,999 to Php4,000. Lastly, Mayon ATV Summit costs Php6,500 to Php 8,500.

ATV Mayon Summit is the most challenging trail and closest to Mayon Volcano. Approximately, this trail takes 4-5 hours. “This is the ATV challenge that Hollywood celebrity Zac Efron chose when he visited Albay,” Chan adds.

Upon choosing which trail to traverse, tourists will go through a briefing and will be taught ATV basics. Controlling the vehicle is straightforward, the switches and handlebars allow you to simply move forward and backward.

“All of our ATVs are automatic so it’s easy to use. If you have questions, just raise your hands. We will also teach you hand signals such as when to proceed, when to stop, and when to let guides go first,” says Your Brother Travel and Tours co-owner Junjhon Chan.

Automatic ATVs offered around Albay are beginner-friendly. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

After the briefing, gear up for a 5 to 10-minute ATV test drive. Guides will inform you if you are ready and familiar enough with the controls.

It is highly suggested to bring a dry bag to keep your phones, gadgets, wallet, and other things from getting wet. Since there are streams to cross, it’s also recommended to wear light clothing paired with slippers or sandals because you will likely get wet driving through muddy paths.

The Mayon trail is a mix of rough, potholed, and uneven surfaces. Expect to go through fallen volcanic rocks, rugged soils, gullies, and rivers. The guides will be there to assist tourists all throughout, so no need to worry if you get stuck or if something happened with your ATV.

“It’s a natural trail. We didn’t change any of the pathways so expect a bumpy ride,” Chan instructs. “Overtaking is strictly prohibited for safety measures. The guides should always lead the drive.”

Zip Line at Black Lava Wall

Right after your ATV adventure, spice up your Mayon experience by taking a zip line at the Mayon Black Lava Wall.

In 2006, when Mayon Volcano erupted, it formed a high pile of lava rocks. Now that the lava rocks have completely solidified, locals offer an adventure where tourists will need to climb to the top of the lava rocks then descend through a zipline.

The zipline costs around Php300 per person.

Mayon Volcano’s Black Lava Wall. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

360 Bike Trail

In Legazpi, local cyclists are known for taking on the Mayon 360 challenge where they bike a total circumference of 86.5 kilometers around the foot of Mayon Volcano.

“We plan to organize and promote bike tourism in Region 5,” says DOT 5 Regional Director Herbie Aguas. At the moment, there are no bicycles for rent in the area but the local government is looking into investing to entice more visitors.

Bike around Mayon Volcano. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Your Brother Tribal Village

Right beside the ATV trail is the Your Brother Tribal Village. This unique accommodation offers a native-esque kubo style glamping ideal for adventurers who just finished exploring the activities around Mayon.

Rates start at Php1,300 good for two persons. This is an air-conditioned room with access to a communal bathroom for men and women. The Single Hut or Cabana Bungalow is at Php1,600 good for two persons which includes its own bathroom.

At night, the hotel can also host a bonfire upon request.

Your Brother Tribal Village. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

For reservations and inquiries, tourists may coordinate with Your Brother Travel and Tours through their website, Facebook page, by emailing at, or calling +632 773744013

Mayon Volcano. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Outsource the Planning

For a seamless trip, you may leave the planning to DOT’s accredited tour operators in Bicol. Click on this link for a comprehensive list of agencies. 

Travel Safely!

Explore Albay responsibly by making sure that you comply with the province’s health and safety protocols, such as wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.

For the latest travel information about Albay, you may visit their official website or Facebook page. You may also review updated safety protocols and requirements on Philippine destinations at or download the Travel Philippines app at