A scenic view of one of the bodies of water that can be seen in Quirino. Photo Courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Quirino is home to many falls that are beautiful to look at and invite you to jump into its refreshing waters.

If you feel like taking a dip when visiting Quirino, make sure to add Ganano Falls to your itinerary. Not only is it a sight to see, but you also get to pass three other waterfalls on the way. 

The journey starts at Baguio Village in Diffun, where you’ll need to register and secure a guide. The first you’ll see is Sabangaran Falls, which stands three meters high and lands on a wide pool that’s open for swimming.

Walk a little further and you’re bound to see Sinipit Falls. Sinipit is much wider than Sabangaran and looks like two falls because of a rock formation that splits it in half. After a short hike, you’ll see Nontugao Falls. This is smaller than the others but is still scenic.

The last on the trail is the majestic Ganano Falls. You’ll hear it before you see it, as Ganano makes itself known through its thunderous sound.

The majestic 80-meter high Ganano falls. Photo Courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Follow the sound and soon you’ll face the 80-meter high falls. The water’s flow is interrupted by a stone formation halfway down, spraying a mist that gives the area a mystical feel.

Visiting these falls takes an hour and a half and will need lots of energy, as you’ll pass through a hanging bridge and a few rivers. Don’t worry as it’s still an easy and beginner-friendly trek since the path is mostly flat. It’s also worth the effort because you get to see four waterfalls in one hike.

Sabangaran, Sinipit, Nontugao, and Ganano Falls

Baguio Village, Brgy. Don Mariano Perez, Diffun, Quirino

Entrance fee: PHP 15 (USD 0.30), and PHP 250 (USD 4.97) as a guide fee

How to get there: The nearest airport is two hours away in Cauayan, Isabela. From Diffun, hail a tricycle to Baguio Village. The falls are accessible by foot from the village.