Face the waves and learn its rhythm at Bagasbas Beach. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

This five-kilometer beach strip is a playground for aquasport lovers.

Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte is among the earliest recorded Philippine surfing destinations and its consistent strong waves throughout the year make it an ideal surfing spot for beginners and pros.

The mighty waves come from the Pacific Ocean and land at Bagasbas’ powdery gray and dark brown sands. The surfing destination is rarely crowded, locals even say that you can have the entire stretch to yourself.

“We have waves perfect for surfing all year round. It is also ideal for all levels of surfers from beginner, to intermediate, to expert, ” says Bagasbas Surfers Club (BSC) founder Bless Lelis. 

Bagasbas Surfers Club

Recently founded by Lelis in March 2021, the beach club has 65 members responsible for maintaining the beach area and providing lessons to aspiring surfers. 

BSC together with Bagasbas Beach Cleaners under Daet’s Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office conducts weekly beach clean up every Sunday.

Bagasbas Surfers Club. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Prior COVID-19 pandemic, tourists mostly from European countries would stay in Bagasbas for 2-3 months just to become experts in surfing. “They’re suki (regulars) of Bagasbas,” says Lelis.

The club’s goal is to host regional and national surfing contests. “We want to invite surfers from all parts of the Philippines. Especially ones from Siargao, Zambales, La Union.”

Surf Safely!

Bagasbas beach is safe even for non-surfers since it’s a beach break.

“Beach break means the sand is fine, without reefs or rocks. So if you fall from your board or get wiped out by the wave, there’s less chance of getting injured,” Lelis explains.

Bless Lelis, founder of Bagasbas Beach Club. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

She also shares that Philippines’ surfing capital, Siargao, is a reef break. This means that while most of its beaches offer fantastic waves, the bottom is filled with corals. 

Surfing Dos and Don’ts

BSC offers surfing lessons for beginners. The hourly rate is at Php 400 per person and this already includes board rental. Tourists are expected to undergo a 3-minute land lesson before instructors allow them to surf.

“During land lessons, this is where we reiterate safety measures. We also instruct tourists the proper way of holding the board, and when to lie. Proper timing is also taught, especially when you are about to stand on the board. And of course, the right time to jump if you feel out of balance,” Lelis explains. 

Bagasbas is a beginner and kid-friendly beach. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

They also have a 15-hour package priced at Php 4,000. This is ideal for those who want to further enhance their surfing skills, take intermediate lessons, and get certified. 

Aside from surfing, watersports enthusiasts and tourists will enjoy skimboarding, bodyboarding, and kite surfing at Bagasbas Beach.

Tourists may contact Bagasbas Surfers Club through their Facebook page.

Let the beach waves wash your worries away. Photo by Playground Films PH courtesy of the Department of Tourism.

Nightlife after surfing

Tourists may try the local vodka called Barik. It is made from softened branches of nipa that were cooked, boiled, and distilled through firewood. Nipa palm is abundant in both the river line and coastal areas of Bagasbas.

Bagasbas Beach is an 18-minute tricycle ride from Daet Municipal Hall. Entry to the beach is free and locals only request for tourists to maintain its cleanliness. 

Party drinking and smoking are prohibited within the beach area and only allowed at bars and designated areas.

Outsource the Planning

For a seamless trip, you may leave the planning to DOT’s accredited tour operators in Bicol. Click on this link for a comprehensive list of agencies.

Travel Safely!

Explore Camarines Norte responsibly by making sure that you comply with the province’s health and safety protocols, such as wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.

Ensure that you have acquired travel authority at https://s-pass.ph/ prior trip. Bring a copy or screenshot of this along with your vaccination card and valid ID upon arrival. 

For the latest travel information about Camarines Norte, you may visit their official website or Facebook page. You may also review updated safety protocols and requirements on Philippine destinations at www.philippines.travel/safetrip or download the Travel Philippines app at app.philippines.travel